7 ways to double business Traffic, Visibility and Exposure February 7, 2014 – Posted in: Sales and Marketing – Tags: , , , ,

Traffic and visibility equals exposure

Finding new clients or customers is important in business and is crucial in your business and it’s ability to survive in the long run. Finding ways to increase traffic online and offline exposure is super important which is why its so expensive to set up shop on mainstreet whether we are on or offline.

Your visibility to your prospects is one of the most importing things because even if our messaging and product is perfect, if we have no traffic, nothing is possible. Did you get that? You can literally be PERFECT in every category but if you don’t have any TRAFFIC then your business is doomed.

Clients need to see you to know that your busines exists. Of course, being visible is only the first step. But it is a crucial first step especially if your business isn’t located downtown on mainstreet.

Image in branding is important but exposure is KING. You need to get sheer numbers but you also need to get sheer numbers for your target market. If you sell hunting knives but your marketing dollars include women, children, and animal lovers then you are throwing money down the drain.

OF course, if you are exposed to one hundred people and one of these people hunt, this is better then zero. But imagine you are exposed to one hundred hunters… Now image we start talking in terms of thousands of hunters, or millions of hunters. Now we are in business! Even if your product isn’t perfect and even a bit pricey, if you have thousands of hunters viewing your marketing efforts, you are sure to make some sales and profit.

Assuming your branding, imaging, and messaging is halfway decent, if you have tons of qualified traffic then you are bound to make some sales.

What makes your product better or different? Why should people buy this product? What is interesting about your offer?

These are a few questions, but lets get back on subject.

So here are a few important ways to increase you business visibility.

Double your Business visibility
– Improve website optimization for surrounding geographical areas.
– Target website optimization for all possible related keywords in your industry.
– Research website optimization for other related businesses that solve the same problems you do.
– Find website optimization for unrelated businesses or industries which serve similar or identical client demographics.
– Increase your number of direct mailers.
– Add your number of ad placements on business listing services, local communities, Yelp, Craigslist, the Yellow Pages, etc.
– Build on your number or quality of total lead generators. This could include virtually anything including salespeople, websites, partnerships, lead boxes, etc.

These are just a few ideas on how you can increase your visibility and your success. You need to be where your potential clients are. You need to place your physical and virtual ads in places that have your target customer in large numbers.

If we are talking billboards, television ads, partnerships, or physical objects containing your brand and messaging, you need to place ads in these places. Get in front of them but don’t be annoying. Done cleverly, your target won’t even know they are being targeted until they have seen your business 3 to 5 times and they have already perhaps even made a buy.