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What is a life coach and why is it sometimes a controversial topic?  In this article, we are going to talk about how can a life coach help with depression or anxiety.

On a personal level, I don’t like the term life coach because life is too complicated to coach. But at the same time, the term is probably the closest word provided when others give advice on complicated life issues.

You see, nobody has a complete answer for anyone’s life. It is crazy to think that it is the case.  This is especially true because we all have different priorities, values, and beliefs on a wide number of issues.  There is no one size fits all for finding answers, direction, and solutions in life.

So if we don’t use the term life coach, what can we use?  This is a great question. Other possible terms might be transformative expert, performance coach, advisor, mentor, and the list goes on and on.


What does a Life Coach do?

From a certain point a view, I think a life coach is just someone who helps individuals live the life they want.

Everyone has massive problems in life.  The function of a good life coach should simply be to empower individuals to be independent, free, and happy in life.

They offer tools, experiences, and ideas, and nothing more. What you do with these tools is your choice. That’s the beauty of it.

So why hire a life coach? Why a life coach? What exactly does a life coach do?  Can a coach help with anxiety or depression?

A coach can show you pitfalls and dangers to be aware of before you even enter them.  Even if you have already made a few bad choices in life, one big thing a coach can do is show you ways to limit depression and anxiety by providing tactics, strategies, and tools to help manage the situation.

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No one lives a perfect life and no one has all the answers. On the contrary, even the happiest or the most successful people among us still have big problems in their life that we need to get through.

But someone who has the experience and has learned tactics can definitely help others in similar life situations.

I hope this answers the question; So why hire a life coach?

Because these people can provide tools that can be applied practically in life so that you can avoid as many hazards as possible.  Additionally, they can help you even after bad decisions have been made by offering mental, psychological, and practical methods to move forward.

I hope this all makes sense as I have tried to explain that the profession provides options, ideas, and perspectives more than actually coaching you in your life.

Life is to be lived, not coached.