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Perfect is an illusion Efficiency and Application April 6, 2020 – Posted in: Consciousness

Nothing anyone does will ever be perfect. Not one hundred perfect at least. The decimal point for further perfection continues forever. It’s like searching for infinity; For example, if perfect was possible, no improvement could ever be made on anything once it has been deemed perfect. It would be a sad condition for humanity to attain the illusion of perfect one day. Perfect is a judgment on the value of an act of creation. Even…

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The power of Consciousness March 18, 2020 – Posted in: Consciousness

Whatever happens unconsciously in you will affect your life in any number of unpredictable ways. But you if can learn to question your impulses and reflexes whether they be mental, emotional, or deeper energetically, you can learn to point them in a direction that serves you. You are not the memories you have collected or the cells you have collected, or the money you have collected. You are a much greater possibility, this is the…

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