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Where mind goes body follows: Mind-body connection January 5, 2021 – Posted in: depression, Efficiency, Happy in life, mind-body connection, Personal Energy, personal mastery, Power of Consciousness, Relationships, self mastery, well being

“Where the mind goes the body follows”. As Arnold Schwarzenegger states it’s unavoidable that the mind will affect body. This being said, our body and mind are only tools for us to use in our life and the one affects the other in every area. We have the body and mind. These two things cooperate together to affect the quality of our live in each area of life. If our mind and emotions arent right,…

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How can a Life Coach help depression or anxiety September 9, 2020 – Posted in: depression, life coach, well being

What is a life coach and why is it sometimes a controversial topic?  In this article, we are going to talk about how can a life coach help with depression or anxiety. On a personal level, I don’t like the term life coach because life is too complicated to coach. But at the same time, the term is probably the closest word provided when others give advice on complicated life issues. You see, nobody has…

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