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Niche Marketing Strategy: Specialise May 10, 2014 – Posted in: Marketing

Becoming an expert for a specific niche is important because it allows you to assist clients to buy without looking needy to potential customers. For example, if you say you are a fitness expert, you might just appear like a pushy fitness meathead to the average person. But now image you are a fitness expert for post partum moms looking to lose weight after giving birth.   Just think how powerful all your marketing is to…

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Marketing in Business to Get New Clients: FISHING February 1, 2014 – Posted in: Marketing

Branding and Regularity in Marketing your business The phrase “Out of sight out of mind” applies in the business world just as it does everywhere else. If you let your customers forget about you, your chances of making another sale go down to virtually zero. This is just the reality of marketing. Let’s take Coca Cola for example. Realistically in today’s world, we don’t have the marketing dollars that they do for putting marketing commercials…

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