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My Secret 3 Step Sales System February 25, 2016 – Posted in: Sales

The System Step 1: Get to know your clients Make a good first impression. The first step to making a sale is making a good first impression. Practice the following: Eye contact with a genuine smile and a handshake Offer your name, and address the other person by first and last name Displaying an interest in the person’s wants and needs Build rapport:  Human connection is key in any relationship.  Sales is not an exception. …

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Selling: Avoiding Conflict on Cost November 4, 2015 – Posted in: Sales

Dealing with Cost Objection Many times, the clients’ objection is on Cost whether it’s the reason they give for objecting or not. When someone says “it costs too much,” it either means you don’t have a qualified buyer in front of you or that they don’t think your offer is worth the asking price. Selling Assuming that the prospect is qualified and reasonably interested in buying, it is up to you to show that what…

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Demonstrating attentiveness September 24, 2015 – Posted in: Sales

attention to detail in the resume, attention to quality, attentiveness, attentiveness to detail, demonstrating, demonstrating attentiveness Listening and caring can be hard to communicate even when sincere. This is why it’s important to display interest by physically taking notes when others talk. First begin by asking what they want and why they came to you. Probe in order to discover the emotions behind their visit. Jot down their responses, and make a show of discussing…

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How selling works and why selling is important May 3, 2014 – Posted in: Business, Sales, Sales Tips

Once customers have entered your doors, the next step for you as a business is to effectively sell something. Whatever business you are in, you must sell.  This is because selling is of utmost importance to the success of your business. However, sales isn’t just convincing people that your product or service is fantastic.  Selling includes your image, your brand, and how well you serve your customers. Dispite the negative ideas people associate with selling,…

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How to sell more: ”Sell” Less! March 30, 2014 – Posted in: Sales

Value client relationships This method flies in the face of many sales programs that tell you to get clients to buy $XXXX amount in the first meeting.  It is extremely unfortunate that many business hire professional con artists to lie and steal from customers. I know because I have seen programs geared to this objective.  They teach sales people to take as much money in the first meeting as possible and they even reward their…

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