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Different ways to Create systems to simplify your life December 14, 2020 – Posted in: self care

The difference with a system is that there is a method and strategy to the system. This article covers how to create systems to simplify your life, symplifying your life with systems, systems for a personal life, and establishing systems. How to create systems in your life Systems in some ways are just another word for habits when we talk about our life. Its the things we from day to day that add up over…

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How Do We Manage and Increase Personal Energy November 12, 2020 – Posted in: self care

Manage and Increase Personal Energy We often hear about time and financial management.  But when was the last time you heard about personal energy management?  What is personal energy?  How can we measure our personal energy?  Let’s go. Personal energy is how much effort we are able to apply in body, mind, and spirit to different situations, challenges, or projects we have in our lives. We can’t do everything in life and we need to…

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Self Compassion November 29, 2018 – Posted in: self care

We are not responsible for how other people feel, and other people aren’t responsible for how we feel.  Self compassion is recognising  this basic fact and living according to this principle. “When there are fear and anxiety it leads to depression.  Our relationship problems often come because our parents themselves were broken and unwhole.  We learned many things about what a relationship is from our parents growing up. We should never search for personal power…

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