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Why Vision Statements and vision boards are Important December 5, 2020 – Posted in: strategy

Vision Statements and Vision boards Ignite Motivation In this article we talk about why vision statements and vision boards are important in business and why they work.  We are also going to discuss why a vision statement is important and the difference between a vision statement vs mission statement.  Topics on what a vision statement should include and whats a vision statement will also be explained. I don’t want to complicate things but we will…

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How to overcome personal weaknesses September 21, 2020 – Posted in: strategy

I recently talked about the relation of fear and pain.  I talked about how to overcome personal weaknesses and about how fear often comes before a painful experience and acts like a signal to show us areas where we can grow. By understanding fear, we can not only learn what our personal weaknesses are, but we can use fear to improve and overcome our personal weaknesses. Sometimes pain can come without the warning of fear.…

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To outsource or not to outsource: That is the question May 30, 2020 – Posted in: strategy

outsource, outsource example, outsource jobs, outsource meaning, outsourcing In our projects, we have so many things to do that it can seem overwhelming. This is why it is so important to do two things before we start any kind of project. They are as follows. Isolate the things we can actually take action on right now Prioritize these things in order of most important List the things that we need to outsource Let’s go into…

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