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Since income is tied directly to the quality of services provided and the manner they are delivered, it’s important to have a tangible way to measure client satisfaction and improvement.

The best way to know if clients or customers are satisfied is to ask them directly by asking them questions about how the product or service is achieving their needs and wants.

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Prepare a series of questions throughout the buying process and  periodically ask them to gauge whether their satisfaction is increasing or decreasing.

Asking clients or customers for referrals and reviews after you have gained happy results from these questionaires.  Before asking for leads and referrals, make sure they are sincerely happy with your business.

This is for two reasons.  Firstly, it shows the customer that you care about their wants.  Secondly, it makes it easier for to ask for new leads, referrals and reviews.

Before asking for leads, reviews, and referrals

Even if customers are happy, it might offend them if you just ask them bluntly to refer them to their friends.  Nobody likes to feel like the wheel in a marketing machine.  Asking clients questions about how you are serving them before asking for referrals shows that your primary concern is them.

Clients aren’t just numbers in a financial bookkeeping account.  Their value is immense and you need to go to them for answers.

As client satisfaction increases, so does your income.

If you aren’t conducting client surveys, you won’t know whether your clients are thrilled and eager to buy or almost ready to leave.  You won’t know till it’s too late.

As you conduct surveys, you may notice that some clients aren’t experiencing overwhelming satisfaction but still, they continue to buy.

Chances are, they are staying for fringe benefits which may be completely unrelated to the business you provide.

For example, it could be that they simply enjoy the camaraderie or that they enjoy meeting friends at your place of business.  Or, it may simply be that they enjoy being associated with your business as bragging rights with their family and friends.

Questions for clients and customers

It hardly matters why your clients keep coming back to you but you need to know why.  Additionally, you need learn about what fuels your clients desire for your product so that you can increase their enthusiasm in your product.

The reward for you will be better reviews and more referrals even if you aren’t asking for them.

Either way, you want to know how customers think about the bueiness.   What are they thrilled about?  What is bothering them as it relates to your business?  Knowledge is power and you can use these fringe benefits to grow your business.

You can enhance these fringe benefits and even market them to potential clients as reasons to sign up!  When it’s all said and done, it pays to know why clients work with you then adjust accordingly.

Tracking client Improvement

You should also be tracking how effective your businesses are at doing what they are actually supposed to do.  Client satisfaction and actual benefit to the client might not even have any correlation in some businesses.