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Doubling the effectiveness of your advertising marketing material will double your responding leads.  This true on any plateform including facebook and on youtube.

Ads are intended to spark interest and eventually trigger a buy.  It could be as simple as a logo of nike and the words “just do it” to spark the potential buyer into action.

But its not that simple.  Not anyone can just make ads work.  This is because ads work by strategically knowing what your business or product can offer.  Then they lever this and message it in a way that is intriguing to the viewer or target customer.

How ads work

Marketing campaigns and brand messaging should condition the public in such a way so that everyone already know what the logo and what “just do it” means.

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If you can get your ads to work better by converting more views into hot leads then your business will spend less money on marketing dollars and experience greater revenue.

If your ads make you more money then you spend on them then they will become a money making machine. You’ll eventually be able to throw more money at the market until you have topped out your advertising budget.

After a year, you’ll also have doubled the amount of retained clients simply because the number of monthly buyers has increased.  Again, this is assuming your sales, quality of services, and retention is consistent.

(Example:  You retain 10% from 20 buyers instead of 10% of 10 buyers)

To use this idea on youtube or facebook ads you need to think about which ads will actually catch interest on these plateforms.

Which ads work

In order for an ad to work it must be seen.  Right?  Well yes but thats not the complete answer.  For a ad to work it must not only be seen by the eyes but it must leave an impression on the brainA good ad will be remarkable, unforgettable, surprising and/or beautiful.

Just think about all the facebook and youtube ads you have seen that you literately didn’t even remember for a second.  Heck, some ads we don’t even know what they are selling!  Can you repeat after me, “If my ads are not remarkable or connected with a business or product I am wasting my marketing dollars”.

That’s right, if you don’t impress the customer then its just a waste of your time, energy, or money.  Probably all three.

But assuming that your ads do work, that they do leave a lasting impression on the customer, and that they do create a tangible image of your company, we can be reasonable sure that they will dramatically improve our profit margins.

So which ads work? As a general rule, high functioning ads are Intelligent, connected with your logo, mission statement, and your slogan.

Let’s say you have done all this and you have a great product or service with buyers that come back regularly.  You will retain more clients and you will grow faster with bigger exposure and success.

Here are a few ways to actually make this happen.

Ways to Increase Ad Response Rate:

  • Increase the professionalism and quality of your ads, website, and listings(duh).
  • Make a stronger offer for the new prospect with a bigger reward for action.
  • Provide more persuasive reasons that speaks specifically to a special group of  people(demographic niche).  Include community focused messaging.
  • Make it easier for the prospect to contact you.  For example, include the postage stamp for them to answer to mail; Include different ways for them to contact for the offer you either by phone, email, or in person.
  • Provide a risk reversal guarantee.   “Returns or refunds accepted in the first 30 days, no questions asked.”
  • Include convincing and high quality social proof or testimonials whenever possible that speak to the prospect.
  • Correctly format to your ads(will be covered in another post).