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Hi I’m David Mauntz, I’m a performance consultant helping individuals perform at the highest levels possible.

Service based businesses have great potential. They don’t require production lines, distribution, storing, or many other costs associated with product centered businesses.

After success in the Fitness Industry, I started helping other similar health businesses such as chiropractic, massage therapists, physical therapists, doctors, dentists, etc.

The goal isn’t just to help you increase profit margins and financial statements. Its to help you to do everything faster, easier, smarter, and more effectively.

My business Workout4Results in Alameda California was a training ground for years where I learned many things about customer experience, sales, and marketing. Here is a snapshot of the reviews from some of my clients on Yelp.

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In my book, I will show you how to answer these crucial questions about your business if you want to be successful.

Questionnaire for Optimized Profits

  1. What is your ultimate vision and mission for your business?
  2. Who are your most profitable clients (age, income, gender, industry, background)?
  3. How do you tailor marketing and advertising to speak to them?
  4. What forms of advertising are you using? (websites, mailers, billboards, telemarketers, salespeople, periodic newsletters, social media, leadboxes, referral systems)
  5. Which method is bringing in the most leads and clients for you?
  6. What sales methods do you use to convert these leads into clients?
  7. Do you use guarantees for risk reversal for first time clients?
  8. Why should prospects use you and not your competition?
  9. What dollar or time amount are you spending on marketing?
  10. What assets can you leverage? (money, time, facilities, equipment, friends, partnerships)
  11. Can you partner with non competitive sectors who share the same client demographics?
  12. How are you priced compared to competition?
  13. What are you know for doing exceptionally well in your industry?
  14. Are you displaying social proof and testimonials?
  15. What roles and responsibilities do your employees or associates have?
  16. How do you keep people accountable and motivated for maximum performance?
  17. What payment options and plans are available to clients?
  18. What is your biggest obstacle in reaching your 12 month goal?
  19. What percentage of your clients become repeat buyers?
  20. How have you designed your business to encourage client retention?

I’ll help you answer these questions and many more with my book available on Amazon for a limited time.

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David Mauntz