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In this post we will uncover how to get fit fast and how to get fit body with as little effort. You don’t need a gym membership or expensive equipment to learn how to get fit at home. If you struggle and you can’t get fit or you having a hard time, read on and find how you can easily make progress with minimal effort.

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5 Pitfalls to failing Fitness goals

  1. Lack of consistency

You don’t need to develop a difficult program to be successful. In fact, you have better chances in attaining what you want by following a easy and basic program because it will be much simpler for you to follow and be consistent.

Lots of people get excited, particulary with New Years resolutions and complex fitness programs. But the excitement is short lived because overly ambitious programs are much harder to follow over the long run.

As stated before, try simple and easy to change improvements in your life like simply walking around the block and drinking one less beer or soda per day and just be consistent with that.

Sure, you might not lose 10 pounds immediately but you will make progress and this will give you confidence and a boost forward to make additional changes which will have long term results for your body and health.

This method will work as a stepping ladder to higher and higher levels of health and fitness. You will find that you will naturally challenge yourself and try to get better if you just make a few small changes today.

It is also important to be mentally consistent as you continue to progress in the right direction. Be positive, keep youself accountable, write down the days you skipped exercise and days you picked up that extra drink instead of putting it down.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake a few days a week. Just note it down in your calender and try to make up for the lapses another day. If you forgot to walk around the block Monday, just walk around it twice Tuesday. Find solutions to keep yourself encouraged and motivated.

Mental consistency and finding methods that work for you is the most important thing if you find that you can’t get fit. Mental focus is even more important then physical consistency because even if you make mistakes in your physical routine, mentally, you can compensate for these days by finding new solutions.  I talk about the role the mind plays in our health in another article here and I highly suggest you check it out:

You will find that you will no longer miss your daily exercise because you know that tomorrow will be harder if you don’t do it today.  Find a simple executable plan and just be mentally and physically consistent. Thats how to get fit fast!

  1. Missing planned aerobic and anaerobic sessions

The second mistake I see again in again is a failing in the follow through of the implemented plan. This goes back to creating systems that are easy to do and keep track of. If your plan is too comprehensive then it will take too much energy to be consistent with.

Anaerobic exercises, like resistance or weight lifting exercise is just as important or more so because it develops muscle tone and aides in building a faster metabolism. There is also evidence that the recoverly process of breaking down muscle burns calories over a longer period of time after the actual exercise session but I don’t want to get into too much detail at this time.

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If you miss a day of exercise, you don’t have to feel guilty and quit because of your failure. Just do more the next day and write in a calender to see all the days you were consistent with your exercise. This will provide you with much needed encouragement and determination for the future.

Do the same thing with your anaerobic exercise session. Do something simple and follow through with it. Imagine how you will look and feel in a month from now if you can keep the habit. Now imagine 6 months to a year from now of consistent and easy changes to your lifestyle. You can do this.

Just try to do 30 minutes of easy to moderate exercise per day. This is how to get fit at home, is this really so hard ? If you haven’t learned how to get fit fast with your current program, try these simple changes and watch your life change.

  1. Eating or drinking after 8-9pm

There are many reasons to not eat or drink after 8-9pm. From night time acid reflux to disturbed sleeping, to ingesting too many calories, the list could go on and on.

But the truth is that many people snack, eat desert, and drink into the late hours of the night before bed. Eliminating this singular habit could do wonders for your health and fitness. Not to mention for your mental well being and general lifestyle.

None of these rules are to be taken with 100 percent application expectation. Being super strict with every detail is definitely not how to get fit fast.

But if you can abide by this simple template even at just 80 percent you will experience amazing short term and long term benefits. These ideas are meant to be simple, easy to follow, and minimal. The idea is to keep your current lifestyle but to tweak a few small things to reap huge rewards.

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So if you drink three glasses of wine after 9pm try drinking just two. And if you eat a huge dinner until you feel 100 percent full in your stomach, try eating just until 95 percent of what you usually do.

Again, lets assume you just walk thirty minutes extra per day and you cut down 1 glass of wine per night. Do you really need this 1 extra glass ? Can you be happy without it ? Of course.

In just one week from now you will have drunk seven glasses less of wine(581 calories worth). Assuming also that you walk 30 minutes a day you will have accumulated three and a half hours of exercise representing an additional 1000 calories extra calories burnt per week !

Again. Consistency and regularity is key.

  1. Wanting to only do the fun exercises and avoiding the effective ones

This is probably the most common thing I see in my unsuccessful clients. I think the problem is a lack of any real mental commitement.

It’s not that I think that doing the most difficult exercises is really that important. I think it is just a sign as to how they life their life when I’m not watching them.

If they aren’t capable of doing difficult exercises with a personal trainer coaching and motivating them then imagine what they are doing when I’m not there. I can only imagine that the reason that they can’t get fit is because they are as uncommitted outside the gym as they are inside the gym.

This probably applies to their nutrition habits and general lifestyle as well as it relates to their health.

Although it may just be a sign as to their lack of engagement in their health, the reality is that doing certain difficult exercises does in fact bring huge benefit that other easier exercises could never reward you with.

A common part of the body that people sometimes refuse to perform by creating excuses are core and leg exercises. People will say that they don’t have energy today or that they will take the plane tomorrow or that the exercise is painful for them. They will think of anything that comes to mind to escape performing legs and core.


The fact is that training your legs is harder because the legs are further from the heart and it requires greated cardiovascular effort to perform these exercises. But the benifits of doing these exercises include greater developement of the largest muscles of your body (ie the legs, thereby increasing your resting metabolism and cardiovascular system).

Training your legs will also provide balance to your body as well as your natural hormones and chemistry. I think this is very clear even in just visual evaluation of someone’s body. Fit legs and glutes are a sign of health and vitality in both genders.

I know its hard, but this is how to get fit at home. Don’t skip the harder exercises even if its just a few bodyweight squats or lunges per day. Just do a few sets a day and commit to it. You will see the results trust me.

  1. Unreasonable expectations leading to quitting

The final trend I see to people not accomplishing their health goals are unreasonable expectations from the beginning. Health and fitness is not a ”task” to complete and check off when its done. It’s a lifestyle that is lived in mind, body, and spirit.

If you start thinking that this is a passing goal and not a lifestyle change then you won’t succeed. You can’t go on and come off exercise anymore then you can go on and come of eating healthy.

The people who succeed understand that this is lifestyle change that will ideally last for a lifetime. Its not a goal, its not a task, its not a restriction.

How To Get Fit At Home

It is very important to not start fitness or nutrition planning with a restriction attitude. Healthy fit people enjoy life just as much as you do. They might even enjoy eating and drinking more then you do its just that they understand that excess doesn’t equal life happiness.

I have friends who are in great shape who still spend a night out on the town from time to time. They just don’t do it every night. They also might enjoy soda, sweets, and good food but they understand the need for balance and consistency in their approach.

If you routinely eat or drink something that makes you happy, you will find that you will need this thing in greater and greater quantities to get the same feeling of happiness. Sugar, good food, cigarettes, alcohol, its all the same.

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Healthy people understand that one or two drinks feels the same to a non drinker as five or six to a drinker. One donut tastes as good to someone who doesn’t eat sweets to their fill as five or six donuts tastes to someone who routinely overeats.

In this way you will have better chances of success by losing 5 pounds a month then 5 pounds a week. A healthy lifestyle begins and ends in moderation.

If your expectations are in line with this understanding of moderation and you expect big things fast, although it might happen initially, it most likely won’t last. Balance your expectations as you start your new healthy lifestyle.


I hope all this makes sense and now you know how to get fit fast with as little effort possible. The simplest way to improve your health and fitness is to move more and ingest less. To keep it simple, but a bit more precise, you can reach great levels by just being consistent with your simple aerobic, anaerobic, and nutrition routines.

Accept the fact that from time to time you will be slightly uncomfortable as you workout and do the hard things if you want the benefits it brings. And most importantly, be reasonable and balanced in your approach as you keep yourself accountable from day to day. You can apply these tips on how to get fit at home or anywhere with minimal effort and change your life forever.