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What is personal potential and How to identify and reach personal potential?

In this article we are going to talk about how to identify and reach personal potential.  Included inside will be a evaluation on how to reach your potential and identifying your potential. What does personal potential mean?

Personal potential isn’t a complicated idea. It just means that you have certain potential that might be realised given the right application and circumstances. This is your personal potential.

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In order to develop to our highest self, we need to apply ourselves towards our strengths and we also need to put ourselves in the best environment possible to be able to realise our potential.

Everyone is different. My potential isn’t the same as yours because I have different skill sets, education, physical abilities, resources, etcetera.

If we want to become our biggest possibility then we have to know what our natural strengths are and build upon these as quickly as possible. Don’t try to become the best at something that you aren’t naturally gifted at. This is a sure recipe for disapointment.

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If you want to become great, pick something that you are already resonably good at. I would love to have become a professional soccer player but now it is no longer a possibility. Pehaps it never was, we will never know because its too late now.

I didn’t have the best environment to be able to commit to soccer, neither did I have the best coaches or the best club, or the resources to be able to develop myself to my highest potential in this area.

As I write this article, I am 37 years old and I dont plan on becoming any younger. It would be a bad idea for me to go try to train to become a professional at this point because even if I succeed with great coaching and help, my career will be very short.

When we pursue our personal potential, we must look at the current situation and make a judgement as to what is realistic.What Is Personal Potential 300x246

Lets forget about things that are no longer possible for us and look at our current situation to calculate what’s still possible for us moving into the future.

Our personal potential is not static. What I mean by this is that when I make a judgement as to what is possible for me right now, its based off of my current personal situation, skill sets, environment, and opportunities. All these things can change.

If any of these factors increase, so does my personal potential for the future. In this way your personal potential is exponential with the right circumstances.

But to a large degree, if you want to reach your potential you must evaluate your current skill sets and your present situation to identify how you might attain whats possible with the highest likelyhood of success.

Grow your potential

The thing you can do today is to utilise the skills you already have right now and put them to use as in the most powerful way possible.

We can image that if your skill sets were high enough, you would already be where you want to be and all your goals would already be accomplished.

In this way you have to learn new skill sets which compliment and highlight the skills you already have. You can also work at improving the skill sets that you already have to become more potent in this area so that when the day comes to really showcase your abilities, you will be ready to deliver.

How To Develop Your Personal Potential

Anther thing you can do is to use your current skills to create an environment which will foster your growth into the future. Use your skills to create a place where you can work in peace, easily pay your bills, and interact in the world much more powerfully.

Planning your strategy

As previously mentioned, I didn’t have the best circumstances to become a professional soccer player. To be honest, I was almost certainly not skilled enough but we’ll never know because circumstances were very far from being optimal.

This is something to take into account. You need to know where you are, what your skill sets are, and how long it will take to get to where you want to be. The farther your objective can wait into the future, the better your chances will be because you will have more time to accomplish it.

Skill Sets

So lets say you have already identified where your greatest skill sets and potential lies. Now what is your vision of where this is going to bring you? What additional skill sets, if learned, could dramatically improve your probability of getting you to where you want to be?

It is very rare that one skill set will get you to an amazing place. Even if you are a very natural athlete for example, you still need the skill set of dicipline, the ability to play on a team, and communication to really become great. Although we like to think of pro athletes as being one dimensional, this is very rarely the case.

What Does Personal Potential Mean

Just think about the organisation and discipline it takes to change planes, hotels, and cities on a daily basis and still play at the top levels on a nightly basis. Think about the training, the recovery, the eating, the financial management of all this. To be a great athlete, one must be great in many areas.

Knowing all this, think about what skill sets you need to develop to compliment the ones you already have. Build on these. Push your strengths but learn new strengths as well.

Putting it all together to reach your maximum potential

No one is guaranteed to reaching their maximum potential. Should we let this stop us from trying? No, and I’ll tell you why.

As you make progress towards your vision of what is possible for you you will see things drawing closer and closer. It will become more and more possible as time goes by. As you make progress, you’ll see that your chances are get better and better.

This will not only inspire you to amplify your efforts, but it will actually hold you to your goals. Imagine you work for a day and you quit. No big deal right? You only wasted a day and your ego hasn’t taken a big hit.

But suppose instead of a day, you work for a year and then you quit. This becomes a very different experience now. You will have difficulty quiting on something you have worked so hard on. This in itself will push you forward to continue the journey.  All this plays a big role in how to identify and reach personal potential

Reach Your Potential

Now imagine you have worked ten years on something. Quiting will be almost impossible and you won’t even consider it a possibility. This is because even if you haven’t achieved what you wanted, it is guaranteed that you will have made great progress. You can’t quit on great progress can you?

As you get closer and closer and develop your potential more and more, the end goal gets closer and closer. Quiting becomes less and less likely because now you consider your chances of success to be much more likely.

When to quit

You can quit whenever you want. If what you are doing is not giving you any results then you should quit. But before you use this as a reason to quit consider first what things you have learned in your journey that you wouldn’t have learned if you had never started.

Maybe you learned something unrelated that has changed your life in a positive and unpredictable way. Maybe in striving for one thing, you have achieved a different and unpredicted but

remarkable benifit. Or maybe one of the skill sets you learned pursuing potential in one area actually grew your potential in another area and greatly improved your life.

Think twice before you quit. You might be closer then you imagine.

What does personal potential mean?

Personal potential means attaining your highest possibility. There is no mathimatical calculation that will give us a simple answer. All I can say is that pushing for excellence is a great alternative to doing nothing interesting in your life. Our imagination can work for or against us.

To push forward we need to be positive but also realistic. If we are negative then we will most likely quit and nothing great will ever come from this. Sure, be positive, but do something meaningful and something that will likely carry over to something else even if it fails.

Don’t expect it to fall into your lap but be ready for it if it does.  This is how to identify and reach personal potential.