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Your reputation on the streets: Business Muscle

In this article we are going to talk about how to attract customers to your business and how to get customers to buy. Having a great product is great but it ultimately means nothing if you don’t know how to get people to buy.

Let’s pretend you are a prized mma fighter and you have a premier fight scheduled in 4 months for a $400,000 prize.  How are you going to prepare?  Are you going to do just enough to get by and emerge with a concussion, a broken leg, and 2 cracked ribs? Or, are you going to prepare is such a way that winning becomes almost an inevitable result?

How To Get Customers To Buy

Of course, this is simply a rhetorical question to make a point.  Just as a fighter can prepare for a fight by building his strengths and exploiting the other fighter’s weaknesses, so can we prepare our businesses by building overwhelming proof. To create a business with serious knockout potential, hit potential clients with a roundhouse flurry and mountains of convincing and unarguable evidence.

How to Attract Customers and Clients

Social proof is important in daily life and in business.  If you want to be at the top of the social club and be the persuasive one in the group you need to have followers.  You can’t get people to jump on the bandwagon if your bandwagon is empty.

Think about it, if you are a lone wolf in the group or if you operate alone as a business your position is compromised. If you don’t have a group of fans listening to what you say, it’s needless to say that your outreach is going to be limited.

In order to attract that new customer, you need the customer to feel like your product is aready a success.  No one wants to buy a loser product.  No one wants to be the first customer and feel like the guinea pig.

You need proof and mountains of it if you want to get people to buy.

How To Attract Customers

But here is the catch, you don’t want to appear like you are desperate for reviews.  The best marketing is the marketing that goes unnoticed.

I talk a lot about selling because I want people to understand the process.  In reality, all these things should be hidden behind a curtain like a magician doing a magic trick.  You should be so good at it that it becomes impossible to spot.

The best salesman will sell without the customer being aware of whats happening and the best marketer will  brand and message and his business with seamless effort.

In the end, if the prospect can walk away without buying then you’ve done something wrong.  Your business, sales, and marketing has to be so good, that anyone would literately feel stupid saying no to you.

Attract Customers

Get people to BUY

To get the knockout in the opening round you should have hundreds of fans.  You should also have a powerful presence in the community whether it be online or offline. 

Your products image and quality should be evident by the level of enthusiasm your customer has for it.  Evidence of their enthusiasm should be supported and marketed by cleverly placed statistics, charts, graphs and facts.

You should have many valid references of supporting research which undeniably proves the value of your offerings.

Do you get it now?  Like a boxer delivering the old one two punch, your customers shouldn’t even hesitate for a minute before buying.

You don’t walk into a haagen dazs and question the quality of ice cream.  Similarly you wouldn’t walk into nike without wondering if the shoes are good.  And obviously you don’t buy a porche wondering if porches are cool.  All this should be because your marketing team should already have crushed it in this departement.

Buy 300x200

We have to be powerful in marketing by providing persuasive presentations about how the client will benefit in buying our products or services.  How will it make their life better? How have you addressed their needs in your business?

Images, branding, logos, slogans, mission statements, quotes, pictures, all these things create one entity and this entity is your business.