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Branding and Regularity in Marketing your business

The phrase “Out of sight out of mind” applies in the business world just as it does everywhere else. If you let your customers forget about you, your chances of making another sale go down to virtually zero. This is just the reality of marketing.

Let’s take Coca Cola for example. Realistically in today’s world, we don’t have the marketing dollars that they do for putting marketing commercials on TV, billboards on the streets, and advertisements in every store. Try to imagine that you never saw another Coca Cola commercial, advertisement or product. Its hard to believe, but over time, we would all forget about Coca Cola as well. Just as Coca Cola wouldn’t have the sales they do without marketing and staying in front of their customers, neither will you.

Taking this into mind, it’s up to us to find affordable ways to stay in front of potential clients. One important thing is to collect their contact information the first time you come into contact with them. This means phone number, name, address, and email address. Once we collect their contact information, we can find effective ways to stay in front of them and continue making tempting offers.

This being said, new clients aren’t going to find you unless you make it painless, easy, and desirable for them to do so. But let’s be honest, we all pity door to door salesmen and telemarketers, right? Not only do they seem desperate, but also cheap and greedy somehow. Their game is a numbers game. We know this and we know their success is primarily based on their tolerance to rejection. Needless to say, this is certainly not the image we want for our business. Nor is it the way we want to spend our days, getting rejected a thousand times over.

Get Clients to Come to your Business

In the game of business, its far more palatable and effective to have qualified prospects come to you rather then to go around chasing after them. Save yourself some major time, money, stress, and energy and commit to one thing in your business. Commit to Make a cardinal rule that prospects must contact you before you contact them directly.

Ideally you want to be marketing to the right kinds of people who are most likely to buy what you are offering.  I talk about this more in another article, you might want to check it out at:

10 ways to market like Coca Cola
1) Send periodic newsletters, postcard letters, or mail envelope letters to your
current clients either quarterly or bi-annually informing them about new procedures, opportunities or offerings.

2) Send weekly or monthly emails containing useful information in regards to your industry and how it can help them. Include an irresistible exclusive offer and include the link to your website and all your contact info.

3) Try Calling them every 6 months to check in and to inform them about new services, products, customer appreciation parties, or procedures.

4) You can Hand out Mugs, key chains, any variety of calendars, calculators, or anything that you feel will be in front of your customers and won’t be promptly thrown into the trash can. Make sure you include all your contact information. The main thing you want is usefulness and tastefulness. If your clients don’t like how it looks or if it’s not useful, it will probably go straight to the trash.

5) Create a business facebook fan page or website that allows visitors to interact, communicate or ask questions. Offer discount lottery offerings for the people interacting. Example: Whoever comes up with the best or most creative response wins xxx.

Make sure your website is search engine optimized for relevant keywords. Consider using google pay per click and google addwords. Make sure to include a statement targeted to solving your nitch client’s problems.

6) Another thing you can do is Contact clients a day, a week or a month after their appointment to check in on how they are doing as it relates to your business. Let them know they are getting the VIP treatment.

7) Although the internet is primary, many people still look for businesses in the yellow pages or other local business aggregation directories. Register and get listed on online or offline directories. Include your website address on the listing as well as a guarantee to your customer.

Take advantage of the fact that yellow pages and directories are usually alphabetical. For example, you can name or rename your business to something like ‘A Accident & Injury Health Center’ to ensure your ad is seen first. As you can see, this would be especially helpful when there are many listings and competitors.

8) You can Write a book to gain credibility which might seem like an unnecessarily time consuming method. But consider how you can sell your book or display it in your office to impress potential and current clients on your expertise. This Provides dramatic wow factor and becoming an author can help you get your foot in the door for presenting to large groups to sell other services or products.

Additionally having a book on a subject can help you close the deal on a business opportunity because of your increased authority. Heck, you wrote a book on it! Having a book on a subject displays physical proof of your expertise for your business and it can even help you get hired for a new job or advancement.

You can self publish your own book at;;; book baby and other services like these. Creating a book costs on average $2-$4 and selling them should make a profit. In addition, you won’t have to actually make any books until you actually get the order in.

9) The personal space rule. If someone comes within 2-4 feet of you, get talking. Ask them about what brings them to wherever you both are. Let the conversation progress naturally and then ask them what kind of work they do. When they reverse the question, hand them your card and
write a note on the back as you hand it over. The note can be about what you just talked about or personal life or a reminder about how you can help them. Just don’t let them forget you.

10) Exchange lead boxes with non competitive businesses or place them in your own business location. If placing them in your own location, make special offers for your current clients that get them further involved. Include a form to obtain interested parties contact information.

If working with other businesses, show how you can both benefit from the exchange and how your businesses are complementary to each other’s clients. Make an appointment so you can discuss this in detail with them.