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Manage and Increase Personal Energy

We often hear about time and financial management.  But when was the last time you heard about personal energy management?  What is personal energy?  How can we measure our personal energy?  Let’s go.

Personal energy is how much effort we are able to apply in body, mind, and spirit to different situations, challenges, or projects we have in our lives.

We can’t do everything in life and we need to focus our time and resources to the projects that support our personal values in our lives.   Energy is perhaps our most valuable resource of all even though people don’t often talk about it.

In this article, we are going to discuss ways to increase personal energy. And different tips and techniques we can use to increase and manage our energy.  

By now we have defined personal energy. But what is personal energy management?  

Energy management is how we manage our mental and physical efforts in our day to day life.  This includes work, family, friends, habits, meditation techniques, and much much more.  

A busy business owner might dozens of decisions to make before he even gets into the office.  This is why the ideal situation is to minimize the things that pull at our attention so that we can focus on what really matters.

There are many things we need to manage but our thought and emotions are the most important things that need to be stable if we want to work optimally and consistently on a project.

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How to increase our personal energy

On a mental level, we can increase our energy by making decisions in our personal life that allow us to stay focused.  This means having personal boundaries as to what kind of behavior you will put up with on a day to day basis.  

In order to properly enforce your boundaries, you need to know how you will react when someone steps over your boundaries and what the consequences will be in this event.  Once you have determined this, you no longer fear someone stepping over your boundaries and you can move forward with a clear mind.

On a physical level, we need to have boundaries too.  We need to decide what we will do for other people and what we won’t do.  If we are always doing things for other people we won’t have time to move our own projects forward.  

Having physical boundaries means you will have to say “no” on a regular basis.  You need to negotiate the things you will do in a way that maximizes what you can do for other people while minimizing the effort you put in.  Sometimes you need to help yourself first to put yourself in a position where you can help other people.

Personal energy tips

  1. Perform your responsibilities but don’t get stuck doing other people’s responsibilities.
  2. Find a way to keep other people accountable without wasting all your time and energy to do so.
  3. Get lots of sleep and be alert to your mind and body energy levels.
  4. Take the time needed to mentally clear your mind when needed.  Sometimes you may need 5 minutes, sometimes you might need an hour.  Don’t force it.
  5. Don’t get caught up in toxic conversations and remove yourself from these situations as best you can in your life.
  6. Be an excellent communicator and develop a strong personality.  If strong personalities are

able to destabilize you then you need to be able to counter and overcome these people with better communication to better understand social interactions and manipulation tactics being used on you.

  1. Have supreme confidence in yourself.
  2. Never let anyone make life decisions for you unless you agree 100 percent.
  3. Exercise on a regular basis(a few times a week minimum)
  4. Eat as healthy as possible and in reasonable amounts.
  5. Clear your mind several times a day by thinking about something else.
  6. Don’t abuse food, alcohol, smoking, or other detrimental things.

These are just a few tips on how you can preserve and increase your personal energy.  There is no one size fits all and we all have different needs according to our personalities.  No one manages themselves perfectly but we can all improve and increase our life energies and get better at it.

I have a few techniques I use on a regular basis that I’d like to share with you and I’d like to hear about techniques that work for you.

Personal energy management techniques

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For me, I like to go for a walk in the forest and just let things process and this allows me to look at things from a bigger perspective.

When I’m intensely focused on a project I take about 5-10 minutes every hour to let my mind relax and come back a few minutes later refreshed.  It’s like a mental shower.

I enjoy a good beer but I try to not drink more than two a day and I don’t drink too much coffee and I try to stay properly hydrated.

Writing down what I need to stay focused on keeps my mind focused on just one thing.  If I am thinking about two projects at the same time my effectiveness goes down very fast so I stay focused on one thing at a time.

At the end of my day, I chill out in front of the television for an hour or so.  This is my reward chill time that I earned throughout the day.  I don’t think life is just about working and being productive so I use exercise, quiet time, TV, and internet time as a way to recharge my body and mind for the next bout of work.

My hobbies are for fun and nothing else.  There is no real practical reason for doing the things I love to do.  I just do certain things because it makes me happy.  This includes gardening, playing with my kids, or just mindlessly surfing my phone.  I know it is not productive, but I am also aware enough not to waste too much of my time on activities that can be counterproductive.

Again, knowing yourself is key because if you aren’t aware of what’s happening in your body and mind then you will do a poor job of managing.