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Whatever happens unconsciously in you will affect your life in any number of unpredictable ways. But you if can learn to question your impulses and reflexes whether they be mental, emotional, or deeper energetically, you can learn to point them in a direction that serves you.

You are not the memories you have collected or the cells you have collected, or the money you have collected. You are a much greater possibility, this is the gift of being conscious as a human being.

This isn’t black or white magic. This is the magic you chose it to be.

The power of Consciousness

Learn to question your unconscious reactions at deeper energetic levels. Whatever is conscious will be as you want. Whatever is unconscious will distract from what YOU want.

When you can’t change your emotions, create a powerful thought that will put your emotions in check. When your thoughts become powerful, change your emotional perception if needed to put your thoughts in check.

Point your body, mind, emotions, and energy in the same direction to go where you want to go.

Unshackle yourself from the identity you have forged for yourself. Your identity shouldn’t be a prison. If it isn’t serving you then change it at your will. Don’t put your identity in anyone’s hands. It’s yours, not your child’s or your spouses or your societies.

Whatever you do, if you are a slave to money or people or popularity remember it is your choice. It is YOUR choice what you devote your life to. No one else’s.

If you know what your priorities are, you will then know what isn’t a priority for you. So make a list of 3 things in life which are important to you and disregard what is”t important when necessary.

Its identifying your values and priorities in life. We need to keep all our energy pointed in the same direction whether it be mental, psychological, physical, or spiritual consciousness.

Be careful with the things you identify with or limitations you think about yourself. Do the labels and ideas imposed by society really serve you and who you know yourself to be? Or are you identifying with something that is limiting your ability to act and respond in the world?

Be careful because your brain and intellect will operate within these identities you have accepted or created for yourself. When you realize you are a part of creation, you become an actor on a bigger stage outside your own personal world.

Your thoughts and emotions are subject to the identification you have accepted.

You can become a creator as well as a part of creation.