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Ask any scientist, they will tell you that time doesn’t exist. Not as an objective reality as we usually think of it.  The past, present, and future flow into each other. Time is just a concept for our minds to make sense of all this.  The reality is we are all a part of the same tableau.

Time is simply a man-made construct that we’ve made to help organize ourselves. It’s a tool. For example, if I want to come into contact with you, we need to agree on a time and a place. Time is a qualifier, a measurement of some infinite concept.

The history of tomorrow


Yes, we’ve all had hours that seem to pass by in minutes or minutes that seem to last years. The idea of Duration is also just a concept. Nothing which is infinite can actually be made sense of in a quantifiable way.

Time is a way for us to measure life processes. We say that one day is one earth rotation. One year is one trip around the sun.

So all this begs the question if time is an abstract idea, how are we to think of it?  This is the question…

What does time mean to the human condition?


Although every moment of our life will simply be a past event in the not so distant future, we have a special power over time because we can make decisions today to change the future forever(the future past).

After we have taken a certain action, the future changes like a switch that can never be undone.

We all have the power to change both the present and the future. The only thing we can not change is the past which could never be changed anyway.

In this way, we can be strategic with time. We need to put ourselves in a better position to act stronger on the present and change the future and the history of tomorrow.

When we invest money every day, why does investing time seem such a foreign concept?