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In our projects, we have so many things to do that it can seem overwhelming. This is why it is so important to do two things before we start any kind of project. They are as follows.

  1. Isolate the things we can actually take action on right now
  2. Prioritize these things in order of most important
  3. List the things that we need to outsourceOutsource

Let’s go into each one in detail.

1) Isolate the things you can take action on
Everything is just theory unless you can actually put it into action. It’s possible to have many great ideas which aren’t actually possible in our present situation.

Going through books, information, and game plans are interesting but we need to consider what is actually possible for our abilities, budget, tools, and resources.

In this way, we need to scour through information and note down only the things we can actually put into some kind of action in the real world.

Note: Some information isn’t immediately possible to implement but might be useful for us in the future. In this case, you should note this information down in a separate place as a reference for the future.

2) Prioritise the things in order of importance
Once you have some actionable things you can implement you should first prioritize these things in order of importance.

You can also note down the things that are easy to put into action today and the things that will take more time to implement, learn, or build.

Try to prioritize these tasks and come up with a game plan of what needs to be done now and what can be done afterward.

3) List the things that we need to outsource
Alright, you have listed the things you can put into action. You have also prioritized these tasks in order of importance and in order of do-ability.


But what about the things that need to get done that we can’t actually do?

When you go through the information and learn new things, you also learn things that you yourself are unable to do but still need to be done. These are the things you need to outsource…

Make a separate notepad or document where you mark all the things that need to be outsourced.

Again, prioritize this list in order of importance and actual do-ability.

The last step is to find the best person to outsource to. You can find many people online for technical problems on websites like,, and the list runs long.

Do your research to find the best person who specializes exactly in the kind of project you want and at a reasonable price.

That’s it!!!