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Today we are going to talk about time management so that we can reach an understanding of exactly what it means to manage your time.

So what is time management?  Time management is perhaps the most important thing that we can manage. Because it is the only resource that we can never get back.

Time Management

In this article, we are going to talk about different time management skills, time management tools. And time management techniques that can make us more effective.

Time management is important in every area of our lives. Time management can also help us manage other areas of our lives such as finances health and productivity.

We can develop our ability to manage time.   This is important because no amount of money or exchanged resources can give us even a second more in our lives.

Time Management Skills

Understanding this basic concept of the value of time allows us to use time management skills which are not about just managing seconds, minutes or hours are in a day. Rather, it’s about how we perform our projects and the quality of our focus and strategy that we use in our allocated time.

To develop the skill of time management we need to understand that in a minute we can get very little done, in an hour we can get a few things done, in a day we can finish a project. And in a week we can make significant progress towards a specific goal.

Time Management Three

Understanding the skill of time management is understanding the value of a day, a week a month, and a year.

We have many tools and applications that we can use to manage our time. But if we do not understand the basic nature of time compounded, then our planning will reflect this error.

For example, you can use all the newest applications and micromanage the minutes in your day. But if you do not understand how this applies to the bigger picture then all these tools become pointless.

There are a few tools that I use and some of them are technology-driven and others are old school methods.

One thing I use is a weekly calendar so that I know what needs to get done for the week.

I don’t sleep until the daily projects get finished. Being a perfectionist is a terrible thing for time management because you never really finish a project.

Time 1

I also use things like speech to text writing to save time when writing blog posts and I watch youtube videos at fast speeds.  When I make a video I don’t do too much editing because this takes precious time.

I also constantly look for ways I can make quality content without wasting my time with too much editing.  I no longer get bogged down in the details but rather I just try to improve overall processes.

Time Management Techniques

One of these techniques is to write down what needs to get done in the next hour. I do this because it is easy to get sidetracked on Facebook or YouTube or a new interesting article or even a conversation with a colleague.

I sometimes write down on a sticky note my current project and place this on my computer as a reminder not to get sidetracked during the hour.

And I do this because I understand and one hour is nothing but 1-hour repeated throughout the day equals a day. And then a week, and then a month, and then a year.

It is easy why time management is important.  Not only do we have limited time in our lives in a general sense. But we also have a limited number of hours in our day and a limited number of minutes in an hour.

Energy Photo Three

There are two things that many people undervalue. The first thing is the value of an hour. If you stay focused on just one thing for 1-hour you can get a lot done.

The second thing is the value of a decade.  Many of us understand what we can get done in a year but we do not understand and how years compound upon themselves in a decade like hours in a day.

With popular New Year’s resolutions thinking of the time. We often don’t realize what we can get done over longer periods in our life.

Time Management

I know that time management is maybe not a super sexy subject but it’s what makes our lives. We shouldn’t waste our time worrying about what people think of being angry with things that we can’t control.

So much of our time can be spent in fear, anger, or being worried. I understand that everybody feels negative things but we can’t let these things hold us back for long. The faster we can let these feelings pass over, the more productive we become.

Look I’ve talked about what time management is and why time management skills are important as well as different tools, methods, and techniques.

You might think after reading this article that you should be super focused all the time and micromanaging every minute of your life.

But it’s not about micromanaging or being obsessive about these things.   We should all enjoy a good beer, a good move, time with friends, games, sports, and hobbies.

The point is that we should be selective about the things we enjoy. The people we spend time with, and the amount of time we spend on these kinds of activities.

Everything should be given its proper value in terms of our lives.  We shouldn’t be obsessive about the subject but we should be aware of how we are completing our projects and adding value to our lives.

Time is just another word for priorities. If you spend all your time working. We understand what your priority is. If you spend all your time with your family, we understand what your priority is.  And if you spend all your time drinking and smoking, we understand what your priority is.

Whatever you spend your time doing, we can gain an understanding of your personal priorities, strengths, or weaknesses.

We must remember that there is a limit on how much we can enjoy things in life.

No matter how much money you have, there is a limit on how many champagnes you can drink, caviar you can eat, and beautiful sports cars that you can drive. We must understand that bad habits can lead to our ruin.

Although overeating, alcohol, or smoking a pack of cigarettes may only take an hour or two. The effects of harmful habits can take the life out of your years.  Worse yet, it might even take years from your life.

Things like food, drinks, and habits that allow us to destress should be used strategically and not as an addiction.

Sometimes it feels great to let loose and have some fun from time to time and this is great too.  But if you find yourself doing negative things excessively on a regular basis then you are being used, rather than using the substances to your own advantage.

We need to have fun in life, it is very important to have a good mindset.  Having fun and playing games activate a different part of our brain which allows us to perform at higher levels.  Scientific studies have shown this fact.

It’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to be able to grind as well.  Work hard, play hard.

Looking at life as a social experiment, we can say that if you don’t do some things in your life that you enjoy that you are very poor at time management.  At least we can say that you are bad at life management.

But this is for another subject for another article.