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David Mauntz, is a performance consultant helping individuals to perform at the highest levels.

With extensive experience as a entrepreneur in California in the health and fitness industry with his company Workout4Results which he eventually sold, David transitioned to online marketing in 2020 with Viral Web Media.David Mauntz 200x300

At a relatively young age his life experiences already include; living in California, Missouri, and France; buying and selling real estate and stocks, visiting 6 countries and multiple US states, playing college soccer and graduating with degrees in Business and Communications at SJSU; learning new languages with his stay in France; becoming a proud father of three.

David Mauntz’s goal with this website is mostly geared toward empowering the individual personally and financially whether it transmitting business secrets, sharing problem solving strategies, or discussing success psychology. 

David believes that high performers are those who make choices that improve not just the lives of themselves, but also the lives of people around them.  A leader is someone who does the “right thing” at the ”right time”.

What is considered right is what creates the greatest positive in the community involved even when it goes against popular opinion.  This is why an individual and a leader must be strong and should have a clear vision, well established values, and a realistic outlook on the present situaiton despite what opinionated people are saying and doing.

11 Performance

Rapid change often comes only after years of effort.  It might look like overnight success but it likely comes after thousands of hours of focused and determined attention and action.

But whether your biggest challenge is personal or professional, there ARE things you can do right now to get you to the next level.

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Here’s to YOU reaching higher levels then ever before!


David Mauntz