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Why Success is Overrated – It is a Logical Error

Why success is overrated –let’s discuss it to secure the success. Furthermore, we will also discuss why being popular is overrated and why being rich is overrated.

“The best place to be successful is where you are with what you have” (Charles M. Schwab, American, industrialist). The overvaluation of the possibility of success means that we have (systematically) overestimated the probability of success of our acts or undertakings (personal or business). We don’t have in mind the aspect contrary that everything we do can also go wrong (Dobelli).

success is overrated

As media, as a rule, doesn’t give visibility to people who have failed.  The media is only interested (as a rule) in stars. The media doesn’t like those who have failed to prosper. Seeing it, we quickly succumb to the illusion (logical error) that it is easy to achieve the same success.

For example: we see the media bragging about a particular author of a book and then we think that we too can enjoy that success. We see the media praising a certain athlete, a certain band or a singer, and we readily think that we too can achieve the same glory. We see friends or acquaintances stand out in a certain field. And, we soon succumb to the illusion of success. But, we don’t pay attention to the minuscule probability that this can happen.

That is what the overvaluation of the possibility of success consists of. It has already been responsible for the failure of many people. The failure may happen in their actions, in their relationships or in their endeavors. This trick turns into a fallacy when someone tries to induce you to achieve a certain success. Even, you do it without checking in detail your physical, psychological, material, structural conditions, etc.

So, here in this post, I will put some light on why success is overvalued. Furthermore, check out the comprehensible discussing this Youtube video

Why success is overrated

“You can be (or achieve) whatever you want, as long as you believe with sufficient conviction and that you act according to your faith, since the mind can achieve anything that it is capable of conceiving and believing” (Napoleão Hill, author of Think and get rich book ).

These are phrases of this type that easily lead us to fall on the path of overrating the possibility of success. Precisely, it happens because success has much more visibility than failure. Our minds are much more prepared to foresee the first, than the second.

What is the tip to avoid the risk of overrating the possibility of success? The answer is given by Dobelli (The Art of Thinking): “Visit or get to know as often as possible the tombs (cemeteries) of projects, investments and careers that one day promised a lot and that later came to nothing. It is a sad ride, but very healthy”.

One of these historic cemeteries was the internet bubble (or dot com companies). It was a imaginary bubble produced in 1990, categorized by a great rise in the shares of new web-based companies. At the height of speculation, the rate of New York stock exchange, the Nasdaq, came to reach more than 5,000 points, falling shortly afterwards. By the beginning of 2001, many “dot com” companies were in the process of selling, merging, reducing or simply broke down and disappeared.

Thousands of people lost millions of dollars with this bubble. What was the reason? From the outset and in the first place, they actually fell on the path of overrating the possibility of success for the “dot com” companies. They did not visit the cemeteries of the preceding bubbles.

What determines professional success?

The common objective of the vast majority of active professionals, regardless of the sector of activity, is to achieve success. But what success is this? Well, the question there takes different paths.

The success indicators vary according to the time, cultural diversity, personal or family interests, the economic situation, among many other factors. Texts, articles and debates appear in the media with an abundance of perceptions, recommendations and programs related to professional success.

We must consider that professional success has its temporality. Throughout human history, what has been considered a success in other times – does not have the same meaning today.  This is why its important to know your priorities in your life so you can decide what success means for you in your life.  I have another article here on the subject https://davidmauntz.com/?s=the+power+of+consciousness

In extrajudicial registries it is no different, because what determined the success of a service in the past is quite different compared to current times. The available digital technologies, for example, have brought about profound changes in work processes, in the efficiency of services and in the degree of customer satisfaction. The meaning of success covers specific challenges and perceptions at each stage of our life cycle.

Attitude is always the main force in determining the success or failure of the individual in the corporate environment.

When people are asked about what they consider determinant of professional success, we receive as frequent answers:

  • Being able to acquire material goods, gain personal wealth;
  • Receive recognition for knowledge and skills in sports, business, arts, for example;
  • Have value and prestige in the market;
  • Provide family comfort;
  • Have several diplomas, degrees and published works;
  • Living with quality, balancing personal life with professional activity.

The list is extensive. The issue that determines professional success is personal. Therefore, it has its subjectivity and specificity. A career plan structured with objectives and goals certainly has importance in the trajectory of successful careers, in the sense of the assumption of what success is for each individual. If you ask a coach what determines professional success, he will likely respond that achieving it will depend on developing some techniques to awaken the person’s potential.

Why Being Popular is Overrated?

why being popular is overratedPeople don’t like that people hate them. Similarly, they don’t like that people dislike them and say something to degrade them. Overall, you will not like that people think about you in a negative way.

Everyone wants that people think about her/him positively. We may not be a focal personality but at least, we want that people like us. These days, the Tolerance almost has disappeared. Nobody likes to become intolerant. Everyone doesn’t want to be isolated and rejected. Everyone wants some level of acceptance from public to gain a worth in society.

So, what do you think? Most people overate the popularity? There are more than a few causes why being popular is overrated:

1. Everyone doesn’t have belief. Regardless of what we think, we actually are imperfect and mortal. Gaining the popularity is not the approach to live.

2. Being popular is a trap that requires us to adopt weak principles. There are many examples that people people lose their reliability once made the center of attention. Not offending anyone we actually are interested to not stand for long time. The popularity can affect your stance on where you must not compromise.

3. Being popular makes us to please other people than we should. This way, we miss some important people.

Why being rich is overrated

why being rich is overrated

Poor people overrate the rich people with salary of seven figures. Sometimes, it may be not enough at the end of month to meet their expenses. They may wonder when they become rich.

First of all, what is actually the definition of a true rich person? The top rich individuals are actually wealthy, not the rich. There may be only a few or even no rich person in the Forbes’ list of rich people. Actually, rich people like to be unnoticeable and they don’t like to experience problems due to high publicity. More wealth cause more issues than solving them.

People think that their hardworking makes them rich but it’s not. Actually, luck has a big part to be wealthy.

So, why being rich is overrated. There’re several reasons. One is the latest information technology. People can know a lot in a small time anytime and anywhere. So, they are knowing more and more about the surrounding world. This way, their dreams are also increasing. For example, now people know that there are the cars that cost more than their own home. So, many people will desire to buy the dream car, but it needs a lot of wealth.

One more reason is that poor people only see the status and shining of the rich people. They don’t know the internal life of rich people. It is enough for them to desire to be a wealthy person. They want to bring much ease in their life with the help of a big wealth. But, the reality is that some rich people are still not happy even they have earned a lot of money.

A reason, the words said by some people over internet. Most people are inspired by their speeches. They say that doing business and becoming rich should be the top priority in life. You should not keep on living with a job because many people are not happy with their jobs. There are many professionals in different lines of work, but at the end they earn limited money.

These speakers do this only to earn money and attract others. With this motivation, many people come to business but actually, they don’t want to do business. They start business only due to their motivating.